Do you need a new mattress?

Do you wake up with an aching back or neck? Or begin the day feeling tired and 'not-so-fresh'? Check your current mattress you will find hollows and lumps in it. The mattress has probably sagged in places, crumbled in others from years of use and the nature of the material used. It's possible that your old mattress feels somewhat cosy and comfortable. Its moulded to your sleeping posture, but it's almost certainly bad for your spine and back.

Soft Vs. Hard Battles in Bed!
Never, never buy a soft mattress-it makes any kind of natural body movements in sleep extremely difficult. Don't ever buy a hard mattress either - being hard and straight it leaves your spine without any support at all, between the shoulders and hips.

Choose a mattress that's FIRM! Soft at first feel but hard enough to fight back to support your body-the greater you body weight, the more the mattress supports you. That's where Durafoam comes in-Firm mattresses that are perfect for just about everybody. Excellent for children with full support for bodies that grow bigger and bigger and spines that grow stronger. Also recommended for adults. In particular heavily built people, elderly people or just about anybody with weak backs!
Choose a mattress size that's about six inches longer than your height - it's comfortable as you change position in your sleep.

  • Durafoam - the perfect mattress!
    Durafoam out-lasts every other mattress. As a matter of fact, it comes with a 25 year guarantee- and is good for many more!
  • Durafoam - it's a one piece mattress-no layers or holes. The advantage no insects or fungi ever!
  • Durafoam - its washable so that you can keep it spotless clean and always hygienic-especially useful with children.
  • Durafoam- its reversible - that's another reason it lasts longer!
  • Durafoam - its light weight… easy to move or shift around!
  • Durafoam - Sleep safely on it, its fire retardant.

Which kind do you buy?
Cotton Mattress:
Unscientific and old fashioned. These soon get lumpy with 'hollows'. Dangerous for your back, they're bad for hygiene too since you can't wash or clean them!

Rubber Mattress:
Most Latex rubber mattresses have holes one side. Apart from a typical smell that it develops, it's also unhygienic - try washing it and it crumbles and disintegrates!
Coir Mattress:
The layers of rubberized coir stuck together and topped with P.U. polyurethane foam makes it a dangerous breeding ground for insects, mildew and fungi. For many

Durafoam is undoubtedly your best bed bet. For years of undisturbed, comfortable and healthy sleep. Staying odour and pest free, always. Need we say…

"Good-night, Sleep tight, don't let the bugs bite!"
Durafoam takes care of that!