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Durafoam P.U. Mattress:
It's a single piece, mattress with uniform density all over. It 'breathes'- being made up of many, many little cells which allow fresh air to pass through.
Its washable too-and dries up quickly-remember its breathing cells? And its light enough to shift and move around.
Durafoam is the best kind of Polyutherene mattress available - high density to make it durable and long-lasting and resilient enough to provide comfort to your body and support to your spine.

Firm Support:
Durafoam mattresses are firm. It's high resilient foam supports your body in ths contours. Wherever the weight of your body presses on the mattress, it fights back to support your body shape. Do this simple test - jab a finger in any Durafoam mattress- only the finger sinks in, the rest of the mattress stays firm!
Clean n' hygienic:
Wash it, sterilize it. It's inert to water and dries up very quickly!
Fire Retardant:
Durafoam does not let fire spread nor can it be a cause of accidental fire- Makes sleeping a much safer experience.

No odours or smells:
No insects no odors, no allergy with Durafoam.
Light 'N easy:
Store it, move it, turn it, Durafoam mattress are easy to handle. Reverse it whenever you like!
Insect free:
The one piece Durafoam mattress has no holes, layers or joints - thus no room for insects.
Cool temperature:
Durafoam mattress breathe the pores in the mattresses are self ventilating that's why the temperature stays uniform and cool.

Lifetime Guarantee:
Only Durafoam comes with a 25 years guarantee. Just fill in and send us the guarantee card on purchase, and sleep easy for years to come!

Cover Advice:
Ask your dealer for easy - zip covers. So, to wash and clean, you needn't rip off the cover. Simply unzip and wash n' change. A great help, especially with infants or elderly persons in the house.

Standard Specification:
9 to 50
White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink (as per requirement of customers)
1 to more than 200 mm.
Our foam is good substitute for thermocoles and cottons. It is commonly used in industries like Hotels, Railways, Shoes, Leather, and Packing etc.